La cuisine cousu-main, de Christian Dior (1972)

La cuisine cousu-main est publiée par la maison Christian Dior en 1972 en hommage à son fondateur passionné de cuisine. Les illustrations sont signées René Gruau, collaborateur historique de la maison de couture.

Title: La cuisine cousu-main, de Christian Dior (1972)
Edition: Paris, Christian Dior, 1972

106 pages, including 10 Gruau illustrations. Publisher's binding. Together with the colour bookmark reproducing a menu drawn by Dior for a meal in January 1940. One of the 4000 copies. 

Condition: Good condition, usual fragility of the binding, bookmark shows some traces of fold. Without the plexiglass box and metallic spine. Slightly bumped upper right corner of the cover.
Dimensions: 275 x 215 mm

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