Christian Dior - Tailleur et manteau (1949)

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Tirage argentique représentant un modèle de Christian Dior pour l'année 1949.

Titre Christian Dior - Tailleur et manteau (1949)
Édition New-York, Acme, 1949
Description Tirage argentique, description du modèle contrecollée au verso de la photo, cachet de l'agence Acme.
État Bon état, pliure au coin supérieur gauche, légère ondulation.
Dimensions 230 x 180 mm
La légende de la photographie indique: "Sheath slimness and geometrical line are only part of the Paris story, for casual daytime clothing carries weight and bulk achieved through thick fabric, broad line and judicious padding. Although the long voluminous skirt of the New Look has been abandoned, Christian Dior gives ample line to the skirt of this two-piece ensemble. Launching his new rustic wool, Dior designs a bulky skirt that emphasizes a small (not wasp) waistline. The coat is flanked by "fender" epaulettes, which rise from the waist to eye-level, and the sleeves are full and rounded. The ensemble is done in dead-black wool with accents of bottle green."

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