Schiaparelli - Collier d'ampoules (1938)

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Tirage argentique d'époque d'une photographie de presse d'octobre 1938 représentant un collier d'ampoules de la maison de couture parisienne Schiaparelli. 

Title: Schiaparelli - Collier d'ampoules (1938)
Type: Photograph
Photographer International News Photos
Edition: New York, International News Photos, 1938

Silver print, stamp of International News Photos, typed caption glued to the back. Caption reads: "An innovation from Paris. Paris, France. Schiaparelli, prominent French designer  never ceases searching for novelties and has brought forth a series of ornaments and necklaces that illuminate with tiny electric bulbs, complete with batteries and bulbs, these tiny gadgets which constitute the latest wrinkle in adornements for smart parisians, can be switched on and off, as the wearer demonstrates. Pictured is a model wearing the novel necklace."

Condition: Good condition, signs of wear, yellowing of the lower part.
Dimensions: 215 x 170 mm

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